The Bentley Inn Bed and Breakfast on the Atlantic Ocean in Bay Head New Jersey NJ provides lodging and accommodations in the Jersey Shore area of  New Jersey, near Atlantic City, close to New York City, Philadelphia, Wilmington DE, Princeton
A Bed and Breakfast just 3 houses from the Atlantic Ocean


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Available Monday through Thursday,  July 8th - August 29th, 2013

Call toll free 866-423-6853.

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Romance Special  $79   Have chilled champagne, flowers and chocolates waiting in your room when you arrive (price in addition to room price, advance notice required)



The Bentley Inn

Weekend Getaways

Transformational Soul Healing Retreat

March 2 - 4, 2012   Friday - Sunday

Our soulís potential to live healthy & full lives is within all of us. We are born as pure souls capable of feeling immensely connected to the divine & capable of much self-love & joy. Many ancient & traditional healing techniques will be utilized during this retreat to encourage deep transformations of yourself & your soul & to enable true healing to happen. We work with techniques to balance our energies, create sacred space for personal healing, call back lost personal power, to connect with the divine & the helping spirits on an intimate level, to release old wounds, & to sheds the past and its worn- out stories, transforming your deepest wounds into sources of power and compassion. Early reg by Feb 17, 2012. +materials.  Full: $299/335 or Commuter: $235/260.  Registration Information: Holistic Healing 732.530.9273,  PO 664 Lincroft, NJ 07738,

Mind, Body & Soul Rejuvenation Retreat

March 23 - 25, 2012   Friday - Sunday

Spring is the season of renewal & rebirth. A time to release all that no longer serves us & to start anew; physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. Join us to experience transformational holistic healing therapies to detoxify, rejuvenate & restore your mind, body & spirit. Learn & experience: cleansing & purification techniques, transformational emotional healing & clearing techniques, self help acupressure tranquility points, soothing meditations, healing essential oils & essences, profound energy therapy work to release old thoughts & patterns, lifestyle assessment & dietary suggestions. Tools that you can continue to do for yourself at home for holistic self care & revitalization. Enjoy our spa menu. Early bird reg by Mar 10, 2012. +materials.  Full: $299/335 or Commuter: $235/260.  Registration Information: Holistic Healing 732.530.9273,  PO 664 Lincroft, NJ 07738,

Radiant Calm, Rest & Relaxation Retreat

April 13 - 15, 2012   Friday - Sunday

Join us to completely relax, renew, restore & rejuvenate yourself back to a perfectly peaceful state of being. We will diligently release all the stress & imbalance in your life so you can let go, heal & transform into a blissful state of serenity. Through phenomenal emotional releasing techniques, guided healing meditations, planetary sound healing, aromatherapy & chakra balancing, transformational energywork, soul clearing & Qi Qong exercises. You will leave transformed in peace, harmony & in balance. Promise.. Plus free time to enjoy beach walks or our signature spa menu. Early bird registration w/full payment due by March 31, 2012. +materials.  Full: $299/335 or Commuter: $235/260.  Registration Information: Holistic Healing 732.530.9273,  PO 664 Lincroft, NJ 07738,

Finding Your Soul's Passions & Mission Retreat

April 20 - 22, 2012   Friday - Sunday

Your soul has passions, a purpose & a dream... Join us as we discover & transform the blocks to this passion, creativity & unlock your soulís hidden life within you! Learn how to magnify an already established dream, release fear, allow change, open synchronistic doors & bring it into full fruition. Based on the processes of ďThe Artistís WayĒ, we will meditate, journey, use guided imagery & energywork as we excavate our soulís path & bring our dreams alive. You will leave transformed with a new meaningful path & purpose for your soul to follow. Trust your inner wisdom & allow the possibility of a new beginning. A $165 deposit holds space w/ early reg & payment by Mar 31, 2012. + materials Plus you may continue create your soulís work with our ongoing 6 week coaching class for an additional fee.  Full: $299/335 or Commuter: $235/260.  Registration Information: Holistic Healing 732.530.9273,  PO 664 Lincroft, NJ 07738,

Mystical Spirit Retreat

October 26 - 28, 2012   Friday - Sunday

All Soulís Day is Nov 1; a very auspicious time of year. The veil between the earthly plane & the spiritual plane is the thinnest & allows for easier, direct communication with the spiritual realm. Join us for an uplifting spiritual retreat as we experience the mystical arts. Explore techniques to connect & communicate with your soul & spirit guides, develop & increase your intuition, psychic abilities, amplify your perception & recognition of energy, sending & receiving telepathic thoughts & impressions, energy clearing techniques & how to properly ground & protect yourself. Plus see our signature psychic readings & healing therapy menu. No experience is necessary. Early reg w full payment by Oct 5, 2012. +materials.   Full: $299/335 or Commuter: $235/260.  Registration Information: Holistic Healing 732.530.9273,  PO 664 Lincroft, NJ 07738,

The Way of the Mystic Retreat

November 9 - 11, 2012   Friday - Sunday

On this auspicious date of 11/11 we connect with Great Spirit & Divine Universal Consciousness. As the New Age of spiritual energy begins to unfold our focus & intention is working closely with the spiritual realm for healing, clarity, soulís purpose, & inviting spirit into our daily lives. We utilize all paths to spirit; ascended masters, angels, saints, sages, gods & goddesses to deepen our connection to our souls & call divinity to us. Through ancient ceremony, transformational meditations, spirit journeying, prayers & intentions, energy healing, crystal work, mantras, mudras & angel & animal totem medicine we find answers, clarity, heaven within, & inspiration for our lifeís highest vision lifeís questions & challenges. Early reg by Oct 20, 2012.  Full: $299/335 or Commuter: $235/260.  Registration Information: Holistic Healing 732.530.9273,  PO 664 Lincroft, NJ 07738,

Finding Joy; Free Your Spirit & Dance with Life

November 16 - 18, 2012   Friday - Sunday

Blending down to earth spirituality & offering multiple ways to bring playfulness, happiness, creativity, & inspiring ways to celebrate your life for the New Year & New Age. Learn how to awaken your inner fire, loving youself no matter what, simplifying your life, really listening to your heart, playing & listen to your magnetic imagination, dancing with life & freeing your spirit. Through healing, energy clearing, meditation, guided visualization, journeying, connecting to spirit we create a new soul blueprint for the New Age & Year Be brave, courageous as we allow our hearts & spirits to soar & dare to live the life our souls authentically wish for us. Early reg by Oct 27, 2012 +materials.  Full: $299/335 or Commuter: $235/260.  Registration Information: Holistic Healing 732.530.9273,  PO 664 Lincroft, NJ 07738,


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