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It may surprise many that we have our own little micro-climate here in Bay Head.  Most of the rain in the summer in New Jersey comes up out of the southwest.  It usually just misses us and passes by to the north, leaving us in hot hazy sunshine.  We do get the occasional summer thunderstorm but they are short lived giving us many hours of sun and beach time.  I’ve been told that part of the reason is the east winds keeping the stormy weather to our west so it passes just north of us.  Much of the stormy weather that has plagued north Jersey and New York the past few weeks has followed this pattern.

If you’re considering a trip but the weather looks rainy or “iffy” I would highly recommend looking at www.wunderground.com and using the zip code of the town you are going to visit. You will get a truly local weather picture. Be sure to read the text (I think too many times we just look at the weather icons and get an incomplete picture).  For instance, the icon shows a big thunder cloud with a little piece of sun peeking out leading you to believe it’s mostly rainy while the text says something like “scattered thunderstorms” or “afternoon thunderstorms”. Usually the icons are representing the percentage of chance of rain and not the percentage of time it actually will rain.  I think that on hot humid summer days there is often a chance of a sudden thunderstorm and weather professionals are doing the best they can predicting the unpredictable.  Coastal storms are quite different. They come up the coast from the south and we can get fully rainy days from them.  They are very rare in the summer.

Beachfront CinemaSpending hours at work is boring, monotonous and sometimes tiring. As a result, we sometimes dream of the beach or going to the movies to escape reality. Typically, people sit on their couch, watch movies, and eat far more than they needed with no remorse. As much as they love the comfort of home, people discovered that there’s a far better way to enjoy a movie, which is to watch it on the beach. There are lots of beach movies to enjoy this summer with the family and kids! Check out this list of movies on Jenkinsons Boardwalk at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ this summer. You can stay at Bentley Inn, Bed & Breakfast, in Bay Head, NJ and enjoy Free Movies on the Beach every Friday night this summer. Movies start at dark during the summer. You just need to bring a blanket, kick back, and enjoy the show!

Your whole day has been spent running around in the sand, so watching a movie at the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk when the sun goes down seems like the next best thing. The outdoor movie theater is set up on Jenkinson’s Boardwalk close to the Bentley Inn, Bed & Breakfast, in Bay Head, NJ.

111315cg0uvau7uk77agrsThere are lots of vacation destinations dedicated to getting outside, getting some fresh air, and pumping those heart muscles with a stroll, walk or ride to town. The best way to learn more about any town is to take a leisurely walk through the town. Or, walk along the Point Pleasant Beach, NJ boardwalk, taking in views of the gazebo and stopping to pop into little antique shops and mom and pop restaurants serving up home-cooked eats.

The weather is nice and kids are out of school, meaning more consumers are out running and enjoying the sunshine and warm temperature with their families. For a day of fun, visit Bentley Inn, Bed & Breakfast, in Bay Head, NJ for a relaxing stay and explore sidewalk sale. Sidewalk sales are open all day on the third Friday and Saturday of each month through October. Stroll through town and enjoy a day of shopping with savings. Discover Bay Head, NJ in Ocean County, NJ and enjoy our many seasonal events.

beach blog pictureCue up your favorite music and grab your sunglasses, bikinis, and sun tan lotion because this week's weekend guide is taking us to The Bentley Inn, B&B, in Bay Head, NJ! You should explore the sultry neighborhood of Bay Head, NJ, with a sunny low humidity temperature in the 70’s and 80’s, water temp on 70’s!!

On top of the warm, sunny weather, while staying at the B&B, you can visit Point Pleasant beach because it has a boardwalk and is a popular vacation destination amongst people from all over the area.  Bentley Inn, B&B, in Bay Head, NJ also welcomes families.

Bay Head has quiet clean beaches while neighboring Point Pleasant Beach has so many things to do that it would be impossible to squeeze all the fun into a single trip to the Jersey Shore!  You can walk or drive to easily go between beach and Bentley Inn, Bed and Breakfast in Bay Head, NJ. Once the sun sets, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ iconic boardwalk, complete with arcade games, rides,  shopping, eateries and concession stands.

yoga as the sun rises v2Today, many millions of people use various aspects of Yoga to help raise their quality of life in such diverse areas as fitness, stress relief, wellness, vitality, mental clarity, healing, peace of mind and spiritual growth. The Individual experience of Yoga is quite personal and may differ for each person; there are a wide variety of approaches to its practice. If you are truly yoga lover, explore Bentley Inn, Bed & Breakfast, in Bay Head, NJ nearby activity. We have yoga sessions every Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Friday at Howe Street Beach in Bay Head. $10 by Therapeutic Touch. Fitness sessions every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at Howe Street Beach in Bay Head, NJ $12 Therapeutic Touch.

Likewise Bentley Inn will help you to get into the mood and vibe of yoga and fitness. Rise & Shine for a powerful beachfront Jersey Shore location that will prepare your body to feel energized and relaxed throughout the day. You will get great service from The Bentley Inn while you relieve the stresses of modern-day life which in turn can help promote physical and spiritual well-being. 

Beach Yoga and Fitness sessions near to Bay Head, NJ in Ocean County, NJ offer a variety of services including fitness classes, yoga, meditation and spa. The Bentley Inn Bed & Breakfast develops a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for you and implement lasting changes that will improve your experience with us.